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  1. a person who takes photographs

Since Tyler's younger years, he has found himself deeply captivated by the ability to capture fleeting moments through the lens of a camera. While his dream of becoming a YouTuber never came to fruition, Tyler's commitment to the art of photography has remained unwavering, becoming an integral part of his essence. He feels incomplete when he is without a camera in his hand.

As time went by, Tyler's focus shifted towards Humanitarian Photography. This newfound path has ignited a profound love for immersing himself in diverse cultures and forging genuine connections with individuals, all made possible by the magical tool that is his camera. For Tyler, photography has evolved into a means of spreading joy and providing assistance to those in need.

Each day, whether actively capturing breathtaking visuals or engaging in stimulating discussions about this art form, photography encompasses every facet of Tyler's life. It has transcended beyond being a mere job; it has become an inseparable part of who he is.

Why a fox?


  I've gotten this question a lot. So why is my logo a fox? I share a few characteristics with foxes. Let me share a few with you.


Foxes are:

Quick - I can see a shot from a mile away and get there in time to capture that moment!

Nimble - I prefer this over the word "short"... I fit on planes pretty well. Those 16 hour flights aren't horrible for me. 

Smart - I'm not the smartest but I know how to capture a moment and tell a story.

Playful - I love playing games and teaching youngins about photography!

PS - His name is Click!


Thanks For Writing Me I'll Get Back To You ASAP!

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